The breakdown

Panic-stricken, two clowns suffer a breakdown.

La Strada

La Strada


Madame Olga takes her first, but disastrous driving lesson.

Vladimir & OefOef

Forget everything you knew about ventriloquists and their dummies.

The golden voice of Murano

With her jangly voice Olga cracks a lead-crystal drinking glass! A musical parody.

Edgar & Juliette

A hilarious story of two lovers and their arguments.

The scare of the wig

An unusual shadow play, both comical and enchanting.

The mop

The mop


As if by magic, the mop comes to life.

Olga’s cooking show

An energetic comedy in the tradition of the Muppet Show.

High Noon

High Noon


Pure comedy and a highlight for all Western fans.